About DASH Courier & Logistics

DASH Courier & Logistics was founded as Dash Courier Service, LLC. in 1999 by Bob Carlson and Tim Houck, serving the cross-town courier delivery needs of customers in Charlotte, NC. Bob and Tim brought nearly three decades of combined experience in the courier service industry, including 10 years of courier delivery experience together in Charlotte with a different courier service. Since then, DASH Courier & Logistics has grown to serve the courier services, freight, and logistics needs of clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, with over three million packages successfully delivered.

DASH expanded its courier service operations to include the Raleigh, NC market in 2006 and the Greensboro, NC market in 2007. That same year, DASH also opened an office in Greenville, SC, then expanded to Columbia, SC in 2008 and Charleston, SC in 2009. DASH Courier & Logistics now boasts over 100 contracted drivers and 25 full-time employees, while Bob and Tim remain heavily involved in day-to-day operations, keeping the focus on customer satisfaction and providing on-time courier delivery at a reasonable cost.

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