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Need a professional medical courier service in Greenville SC that is HIPAA compliant? Choose DASH Couriers like many other medical organizations have (hospitals, labs, doctors, family care practices, imaging centers, medical specialists, surgeons, etc.).

Greenville SC Hospitals, Surgeons, Labs, Imaging, etc.

DASH’s TSA certified medical messenger drivers know the roads of Greenville South Carolina like the back of their hands, and we make it a point to learn our medical courier clients’ needs in order to offer excellent on-time delivery of critical deliveries of:

  • Dangerous Goods (often med-supplies carry additional risk to transport, so DASH couriers are prepared to handle and deliver many hazardous medical packages by using the right equipment along the way to avoid any unnecessary risk).
  • Category A Medical Specimens
  • Category B Medical Specimens
  • Type 2 Nuclear Medical Devices
  • Radioactive Substances and Equipment
  • Large Medical Equipment (this requires the right kind of vehicle to load, transport and unload without damaging or compromising these very expensive and important units).
  • Vital Organs (needless to say, organ transport takes a certified medical driver well suited to the care of the packages contents from start to finish).
  • Medical Instruments (deliver of these items requires the right kind of handling in a clean and spacious vehicle custom suited for med-deliveries.
  • Medical Specimens (specimens, blood, tissues, and other lab deliveries are given the right care with special efforts to ensure they are always brought to the right place at the right time for the right person who accepts them.)
  • Blood
  • Human Tissues
  • Lab Samples
  • Lab Specimens

Even in a city like Greenville with slightly over 60k people, there are hundreds of businesses that work within the medical community, including larger systems like the hospitals in Greenville (St. Francis Health System & Greenville Health System – Memorial Hospital) that require a special knowledge to navigate through and around.

Our medical courier delivery drivers are able to plan well around the deliveries scheduled for the day and have learned how to avoid the traffic jams, like on Grove Road on the way to the Greenville hospital, or deal quickly with any unpredictable obstacles falling in their way. Many of our routes require high level logistical planning. Take a scenario (one of thousands we encounter weekly) like going from St. Francis Eastside to St. Francis Downtown with a stop by the airport requires professional coordination that is nearly unheard of for regular courier services. It takes a company like DASH to deliver medical goods responsibly. Because we work with so many medical organizations, many of them can attest to the sensitive nature of our work and the kind of professionalism it takes to do this business well.

Custom Medical Considerations

Because many medical deliveries require custom consideration of sensitive issues, DASH drivers are particularly suited to any task requiring utmost professionalism and care. Take it from one of our clients who provided this testimonial:

There is not any situation that I would hesitate to send the order to DASH. We had one just the other week that your driver delivered to where the patient is deaf. This required your driver to text the patient when in route to inform her he was on the way with delivery. When he arrived to the house, he had to deliver to the carport door and ring both doorbells (one being a special doorbells that lights up inside the house to inform the deaf patient someone is at the door).

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