Author: Matt McGarry

Meet Timolyn Jeter, our Featured Employee

Even though Timolyn is one of our Customer Service Managers, her real job title is more like “Jack of All Trades.” That’s because Timolyn does, well, a lot of everything here at DASH. She’s become our resident expert in everything from daily reports to customer service and driver management to dispatcher and service rep training. As if that weren’t enough, she will also work as a driver when needed and, since she is also forklift certified (can you believe that?!), she can also help out with loading and unloading trucks!

“Timolyn has been with DASH since before the beginning,” says co-founder Tim Houck. That’s because Timolyn was working with Bob and Tim in the days before DASH was even born. And that’s probably why she’s so well rounded and well respected at DASH.
But it’s more than her expertise and experience that make her a valuable member of our team. It’s her willingness to do whatever it takes, regardless of the task or challenge.

Timolyn is a firm believer in thinking positively, doing your best to motivate the people around you, and always seeing the best in people. She is constantly singled out by our customers for her hard work and positive attitude. Timolyn finds guidance for daily life in Phillipians 4:13. “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,” she says. Along with her job of thirty years, she is the proud mom of four adult children and adores gospel music. “We don’t know where we would be without Timolyn,” says co-founder Bob Carlson. “We know we can count on her, no matter what’s needed.”

Walk with Us

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Meet Rockne Blackshear, DASH Featured Driver

Rockne has been driving for DASH for eight years, which explains why he has been given more responsibility than most drivers. Well, that and his attention to detail. With his experience and detail-oriented way of working, Rockne has been charged with not only driving the routes himself, but also training new drivers in servicing the company’s Carolinas Medical Center business.

In addition to the “usual” deliveries Rockne makes, such as medical equipment and vital organs, he has had a few “unusual” ones. “Once, about seven years ago,” he says, “a young man placed an order with us. His wife was in town on business, gotten ill, and had no way to go out and get any health remedies. I visited several Walgreen’s stores to pick up the items he wanted her to have… I even went to a restaurant because he felt like she needed chicken soup. I then delivered everything to the hotel where she was staying.”
What does Rockne like to do in his spare time, when he’s not delivering soup to hotels? “Yardwork and looking after my flower garden,” he says. “It relaxes me.”

Meet Rebecca Houck Stewart, Customer Service Manager

If there was anything at all missing from Rebecca’s life, it would be free time. DASH’s Customer Service Manager/Administration is also a mother to five boys between the ages of four and twenty-one; with football, wrestling, soccer and T-ball, she’s…. well, pretty busy.

Rebecca came to DASH in 2006 as a driver. “Back then,” she says, “we only had one office… in Charlotte. In the beginning, I was running a route. As things got busier, I started dispatching on the weekends and we were so busy that later that year we opened a new office in Raleigh.”

Since then, Rebecca has continually moved up in the company, taking on more responsibilities. From driver, she moved to customer service. From there, she was made Driver Services Manager, then to Accounting Manager/Administration. Today, as DASH’s Customer Service Manager/Administration, Rebecca manages the company’s customer service representatives, along with some responsibilities in the areas of accounting and payroll. “As manager of Customer Service, it’s my job to make sure that everything on the service side goes smoothly. That’s not always easy when we’re rush delivering legal documents, and handling vital organs or extremely valuable and delicate items that require special care.”

Thanks to employees like Rebecca, DASH now has five offices in two states, and is one of the largest courier and delivery service companies in the Southeast. What makes her job fun? “There are always challenges,” Rebecca says, “and I enjoy coming up with solutions.”

For Ashley Standfield It’s the Patients That Matter Most.

Meet Ashley Standfield, today’s featured employee. Ashley is DASH’s Director of the Medical Courier Division and has been with the company for nearly eight years. As Director, Ashley is responsible for providing the company’s healthcare industry clients with cost effective transportation solutions that are both client specific and “patient focused”. In doing so, she oversees the medical courier drivers, the logistics and routes, the training and compliance… just to name a few. “Medical professionals depend on specialized medical couriers for prompt, accurate service,” she says, “as well as the safe transport of medical specimens, lab work, medical supplies, surgical equipment, medical records, pharmaceuticals and more.”

Why is this critical? Because, as Tim Houck, owner of the company with Bob Carlson, says: “The logistics needs of our healthcare clients impacts not only the client’s business but, just as importantly, patient care. Ashley does a great job for many reasons, including the fact that she “grew up” in the customer service business.”

What does Ashley enjoy most about her work? “It can be stressful at times,” she says, “but I enjoy the challenges it presents, which are different every day. It’s also rewarding in that we can have a positive impact on healthcare patients.”

When Ashley isn’t at DASH, she enjoys time with her husband and two young daughters, Lily and Grace. “I’m a soccer and cheer mom, and football season is my favorite time of year,” she says. “And I never miss a Panthers game!”

Featured Driver: Jack Darnell

Jack has been with DASH from the beginning. In fact, he started BEFORE the beginning, delivering some furniture to the company’s first office. Six or so months later, when Tim and Bob were ready, they brought Jack (and his cargo van) to DASH and he’s been here ever since. When Jack isn’t driving for DASH (and those moments are few and far between) he enjoys books on faith and personal growth, as well as SciFi movies which, he says, he tends to “binge” on NetFlix. He also enjoys classical music and, more than anything, is enjoying the time he can spend with his new, four month-old grandson, Jude.

Before joining DASH, Jack operated what he calls a “roach coach,” known in more refined terms as a food truck. He claims to make the best sweet tea in the south, with “the diabetic, former customers to prove it.” What was Jack’s most challenging assignment? He, along with 10 or so other DASH employees, delivered several rolling doors, each 8 ft wide, 18 ft tall and 3 inches thick, to a residence in uptown Charlotte. It took, he said, a 24-ft straight truck and about ten other vehicles (cars, truck and vans) to transport the doors, the parts and the DASH drivers to the residence. The doors were then brought into the home and put in place… with, as Jack puts it, “just a few minor cuts and bruises and no loss of life!”

We are pleased to have Jack with us and look forward to many more years of working together.