Featured Driver: Jack Darnell

Jack has been with DASH from the beginning. In fact, he started BEFORE the beginning, delivering some furniture to the company’s first office. Six or so months later, when Tim and Bob were ready, they brought Jack (and his cargo van) to DASH and he’s been here ever since. When Jack isn’t driving for DASH (and those moments are few and far between) he enjoys books on faith and personal growth, as well as SciFi movies which, he says, he tends to “binge” on NetFlix. He also enjoys classical music and, more than anything, is enjoying the time he can spend with his new, four month-old grandson, Jude.

Before joining DASH, Jack operated what he calls a “roach coach,” known in more refined terms as a food truck. He claims to make the best sweet tea in the south, with “the diabetic, former customers to prove it.” What was Jack’s most challenging assignment? He, along with 10 or so other DASH employees, delivered several rolling doors, each 8 ft wide, 18 ft tall and 3 inches thick, to a residence in uptown Charlotte. It took, he said, a 24-ft straight truck and about ten other vehicles (cars, truck and vans) to transport the doors, the parts and the DASH drivers to the residence. The doors were then brought into the home and put in place… with, as Jack puts it, “just a few minor cuts and bruises and no loss of life!”

We are pleased to have Jack with us and look forward to many more years of working together.

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