Meet Rebecca Houck Stewart, Customer Service Manager

If there was anything at all missing from Rebecca’s life, it would be free time. DASH’s Customer Service Manager/Administration is also a mother to five boys between the ages of four and twenty-one; with football, wrestling, soccer and T-ball, she’s…. well, pretty busy.

Rebecca came to DASH in 2006 as a driver. “Back then,” she says, “we only had one office… in Charlotte. In the beginning, I was running a route. As things got busier, I started dispatching on the weekends and we were so busy that later that year we opened a new office in Raleigh.”

Since then, Rebecca has continually moved up in the company, taking on more responsibilities. From driver, she moved to customer service. From there, she was made Driver Services Manager, then to Accounting Manager/Administration. Today, as DASH’s Customer Service Manager/Administration, Rebecca manages the company’s customer service representatives, along with some responsibilities in the areas of accounting and payroll. “As manager of Customer Service, it’s my job to make sure that everything on the service side goes smoothly. That’s not always easy when we’re rush delivering legal documents, and handling vital organs or extremely valuable and delicate items that require special care.”

Thanks to employees like Rebecca, DASH now has five offices in two states, and is one of the largest courier and delivery service companies in the Southeast. What makes her job fun? “There are always challenges,” Rebecca says, “and I enjoy coming up with solutions.”

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