Meet Rockne Blackshear, DASH Featured Driver

Rockne has been driving for DASH for eight years, which explains why he has been given more responsibility than most drivers. Well, that and his attention to detail. With his experience and detail-oriented way of working, Rockne has been charged with not only driving the routes himself, but also training new drivers in servicing the company’s Carolinas Medical Center business.

In addition to the “usual” deliveries Rockne makes, such as medical equipment and vital organs, he has had a few “unusual” ones. “Once, about seven years ago,” he says, “a young man placed an order with us. His wife was in town on business, gotten ill, and had no way to go out and get any health remedies. I visited several Walgreen’s stores to pick up the items he wanted her to have… I even went to a restaurant because he felt like she needed chicken soup. I then delivered everything to the hotel where she was staying.”
What does Rockne like to do in his spare time, when he’s not delivering soup to hotels? “Yardwork and looking after my flower garden,” he says. “It relaxes me.”

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