Do Your Homework: How to Choose a Reliable Courier Company

Don’t trust your businesses’ important correspondence to just anyone. When it comes to choosing a courier company, you deserve to know that the people handling your organization’s sensitive information are professionals. You need a partner that you can always trust to carefully and quickly deliver your order to where it needs to go. Below are three keys to choosing a courier company that’s right for your business.

1) Industry & Location

An important factor in choosing a courier service that’s right for your business is the type of goods or correspondence that your organization needs to have delivered. For example, if you work in a medical office or lab and handle patient information of any type, then you’ll want to make sure the medical courier you choose is fully HIPAA compliant.

DASH Courier works with customers within the medical and legal fields, as well as partnering with Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing companies and other corporations that utilize the services of commercial B2B couriers. With locations in Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Wilmington, Greenville, Charleston, and Columbia, DASH Courier is fully equipped to handle deliveries of all types throughout North and South Carolina.

2) Qualifications & Experience

A courier company can serve as many industries and have as many locations as it wants, but without the proper training and certifications, they’ll never be able to legally and safely transport /handle certain types of documents, packages, etc. That’s why DASH Courier takes the time to make sure that our drivers have all of the proper certifications, licenses, and training necessary to handle potentially sensitive or hazardous materials. In addition to our qualifications, we also have a good track record with our customers, who we’ve been happily serving since 1999.

3) Service Offerings – 3 Levels of Courier Delivery Services from DASH

Perhaps the most vital part of choosing a courier service that’s right for your business is understanding the different levels of service that are offered by the courier. That’s why

DASH Courier makes it simple by offering 3 different service levels, based on the priority speed of the delivery:

“Regular” Courier Services

A routine delivery, guaranteed by the end of the business day.

“Hot” Courier Services

An expedited delivery, usually made locally within a few hours.

“Priority” Courier Services

A direct run to the delivery destination.

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If you’re located in North Carolina or South Carolina and are searching for a courier company that you can rely on to always get your deliveries to where they need to be on time and intact, then we’d love to partner with you. Have questions about our services or rates? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!