Medical and Pharmaceutical Courier Services

DASH Courier & Logistics serves the local medical and pharmaceutical industries in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia with highly-experienced medical courier services, transporting an array of protected and dangerous goods with accuracy, skill, and reliability. We are fully HIPAA compliant, and we have HAZMAT certified and nuclear medicine-approved drivers, enabling us to transport and deliver even the most hazardous and sensitive documents, goods, and materials with complete confidence. By offering pharmaceutical delivery services for our customers, you can feel confident that our team is fully equipped to handle and deliver prescriptions and medications of all types and will make sure they get to where they need to be safely and on time.

We proudly serve the following areas across North and South Carolina:


Here at DASH, our drivers know that in the medical business, time is crucial. Whether we’re performing medical specimen delivery services or medical supply delivery services, we know how to transport items safely in a timely manner while following all regulations and compliance protocols. After all, knowing the ins and outs of the medical industry is vital in helping healthcare professionals treat their patients in a timely manner, which is why DASH offers reliable solutions for any type of medical courier needs you may run into.


If you work in a lab-type environment that handles time-sensitive medical specimens or information, then DASH Courier is here to help. Some practices don’t have the appropriate equipment on-site to conduct the tests they need, which is where we come in with our lab logistics courier services. We’ll make sure to shuttle any documents, lab work, or related materials to where they need to go in a timely manner while taking great care when handling labels and packaging to avoid any disastrous mix-ups.