Serving Asheville, NC’s Medical Delivery Needs

For years, Dash Courier & Logistics has been serving the Asheville, NC area with trusted and reliable medical courier services. Our HIPAA-compliant, HAZMAT-certified, and nuclear medicine approved drivers go above and beyond to make each delivery arrives safe and on time. From medical documents and paperwork to live specimens, we can handle anything your practice needs.

Your Trusted Lab Logistics Courier in Asheville

When you work in a medical lab, you’re dealing with time-sensitive medical specimens and corresponding documents. Dash Courier is always here for you when you need a reliable medical courier to transport these items safely and efficiently. By training all of our drivers to properly handle labels and packing for lab materials, we are more than capable of transporting your delicate items on time and with the utmost care and discretion.

Emergency Medical Courier For The Asheville Area

In the medical field, an asset you often run out of quickly is time. Fortunately, Dash Courier helps you gain some of it back when you rely on us to perform your medical deliveries. In moments where time is of the essence, we’ve got your back to make sure that whoever needs your sensitive items will get them on time and fully intact. Plus, we will always stay in compliance with medical regulations and protocols.

Pharmaceutical Delivery Services For Asheville Hospitals, Surgeons, Labs, Imaging Centers, & Other Practices

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