Medical Courier Delivery Services in Raleigh, NC

Since 2006, DASH Courier & Logistics has been providing the Raleigh medical and pharmaceutical industries with the professional medical courier delivery services they need to continue to help their patients and run their practices. With a team of HIPAA compliant, HAZMAT certified, and nuclear medicine approved drivers, we’re able to safely handle and deliver medical documents and specimens of all types. When it comes to transporting potentially hazardous goods, prescriptions, and medications of almost any kind, DASH makes sure they get to where they need to be safely and on time.

Lab Logistics Courier Services in Raleigh, NC

Working in a lab-type environment involves the handling of time-sensitive medical specimens and information. When it comes to safely transporting materials back and forth between medical facilities and labs in the Raleigh area, DASH Courier is here to help. With our lab logistics courier services, we can deliver any lab work, private documents, patient information, and any other related items to where they need to be in a timely manner. All of our drivers have been trained to take great care when transporting and handling labels and packaging of any kind to avoid any harmful mix-ups.

Emergency Medical Courier Serving Raleigh, NC & Surrounding Areas

Here at DASH Courier, we know that in the medical world time is of the utmost importance. Reliably delivering vital patient information and/or medical specimens to where they need to be is crucial to helping healthcare providers treat their patients in as timely a manner as possible. This is why DASH drivers work hard to get your package to where it needs to be as quickly as possible, while also staying in compliance with all of the industry’s regulations and protocols.

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