Serving Augusta, GA’s Medical Delivery Needs

The professional drivers at Dash Courier understand the care and sensitivity that each medical delivery requires. We train our drivers to not only be efficient but to perform each delivery with the accuracy and attention you deserve. Dash Courier drivers are experienced in pharmaceutical, medical, and other industries across Augusta, GA.

Your Trusted Lab Logistics Courier in Augusta

Since 1999, Dash Courier has become extremely knowledgeable about the medical industry and how we can best serve medical professionals. Whether you need us to ferry medical specimens from one location to another or discreetly transport private patient documentation, Dash Couriers can handle anything you throw at us.

Medical Courier Serving Augusta, GA and Surrounding Areas

Specimens and other delicate medical materials must be handled with care. If you don’t choose a courier company that understands the sensitive nature of the task, you may put your delivery at risk of damage. Dash Courier takes pride in our hardworking drivers who are HIPAA-compliant, HAZMAT-certified, and nuclear medicine-approved and more than equipped to handle these types of deliveries. Whatever your delivery needs are, Dash Courier can help you meet them.

Pharmaceutical Delivery Services for Augusta Hospitals, Labs, Surgeons, and Other Medical Practices

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