What Does a Legal Courier Do?

In the United States, the services that legal couriers perform are crucial to the rule of law. We at DASH Courier take materials that are involved in investigations and trials, both criminal and civil, and we move them from one location to another.

We can carry messages, documents, photos, videos, and various pieces of physical evidence such as murder weapons and hair samples. In every case, we take exceptionally good care of them.

The Importance of Legal Packages

If the kinds of items that we transport ever got damaged, lost, or tampered with, the results could be devastating. They could lead to inconclusive investigations, mistrials, incorrect verdicts, and other miscarriages of justice.

For that reason, you must hire a court courier whom you can absolutely trust. These should be people with outstanding reputations for care and precision. They need to be punctual, too. When it comes to legal matters, time is often of the essence. Court-imposed deadlines are rarely extended. The sooner you test certain types of evidence, the more accurate the results will be.

Legal Couriers vs. Other Delivery Professionals

The U.S. Postal Service and major package delivery companies like the United Parcel Service (UPS) are very reliable, but they’re not the best choice for transferring legal materials. They often take too long, for one thing. In some instances, an object or a document must get to a certain location immediately.
What’s more, our employees really know their way around the law offices and courthouses of North and South Carolina. It’s easy for people to get lost inside those kinds of buildings and thus lose precious time trying to find the right room or office. Not to mention, the members of our staff are on call every hour of the day and every day of the year, including federal holidays.

Most of the time, the information that a court messenger relays has to be kept secret. Therefore, you should know that we never divulge anything about our customers or their parcels to anyone. On top of that, our couriers are trained to perform certain services that post office and delivery service employees would likely not know how to do, such as filing court documents.

The DASH Courier Difference

We’ve been satisfying our clients and helping the wheels of justice turn smoothly since 1999. Over the years, our legal couriers have crisscrossed towns and cities throughout the Carolinas countless times. Further, Al McDougald and Tim Houck, our founders, were in the industry for decades prior to starting this business.

Our team is definitely friendly and outgoing. At the same time, we’re serious about our work and completely dedicated to it. Plus, our court couriers can deliver a package for you one time only or on a routine basis if you frequently have items to send. We’re also meticulous whenever we’re tasked with organizing, copying, or collating documents.

Our prices are fair and competitive, and our vehicles are extremely well-maintained. Depending on traffic patterns and other circumstances, we always take the routes and the vehicles that will get us to our destinations the fastest.

Today, DASH Courier is made up of more than 100 drivers and more than two dozen full-time legal messengers. We’re exceedingly proud to have successfully delivered millions of packages since our inception.