24/7/365 & Same-Day Delivery - Columbia, SC

There are many industries across the Columbia, SC area that never stop, and neither do we. Many dedicated businesses throughout the area work around the clock to provide for their clients, so we do the same to provide for them. We know many businesses and service providers in the area must perform without stop: lab samples need to be tested, legal records must be transferred immediately, manufacturing materials are under strict deadlines. That’s why we serve, to help you serve. If an important lab specimen needs to be tested at midnight on Christmas Eve, we’re there to make sure transport needs are met. It’s that level of dedication that makes Dash Courier stand out in the Columbia area. When we say we offer 24/7/365 courier services, we mean it, because our clients deserve it.

True, Trusted 24/7/365 Delivery for Columbia

In the Columbia area, there aren’t a lot of options for around-the-clock delivery service, creating inconvenience and unnecessary stress for businesses and individuals in time-sensitive situations. Dash Courier will answer your delivery request immediately, and a professional, uniformed driver will carefully and securely transport your item according to the speed preference you select. We’ll act quickly and accurately to take care of your drop-off need, documenting and communicating its arrival swiftly.

No Item We Can’t Handle

Our team is backed by the experience and equipment to safely and quickly transport a variety of items, no matter how big or small. We can transport a large, heavy item just the same as we can a single document with the same dependable same-day delivery service. We also have extensive knowledge of state and federal compliance regulations, so you never have to worry about security breaches when requesting delivery of sensitive or confidential materials, making us a trusted partner to the medical and legal industries.

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Request your service any day, any time using our Columbia location’s information below. We’ll give you a fast quote and get your need addressed immediately.

Columbia, SC Location:

3033-G McNaughton Dr
Columbia, SC 29223
Phone: 843-414-1070
Fax: 864-877-0786

Contact: Al McDougald



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