The Columbia, SC Legal Courier Team You Can Count On

If you work in the legal field, you may encounter situations where you have time-sensitive items you need to be sent to and from various parties. Don’t trust just anyone with these crucial but delicate deliveries. To make sure your items get where they need to go, count on the professionals at Dash Courier in Columbia.

Proudly Serving the Carolinas With Top Legal Courier Services

Things that may seem hectic and chaotic for some are just another day at the office for the Dash Courier team. We have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses make their needed last-minute deliveries while giving friendly customer service along the way. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your delivery, we will do our best to be the reliable courier service you can count on for overnight or rush deliveries, including ones that involve:

  • Subpoenas
  • Registers of Deeds
  • Court Filings
  • Filing Legal and Court Paperwork
  • Legal Evidence
  • Document Retrieval and Scanning
  • Confidential Documents
  • Mortgage and Bankruptcy Papers

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