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Medical deliveries often require much more care, efficiency, and sensitivity than standard packages, which is why Dash Courier works hard to get every medical delivery to its proper destination in a timely manner. From lab logistics couriers to pharmaceutical delivery services, we proudly boast a range of capable drivers and services to make your job easier.

Columbia’s Top Medical Courier For Hospitals, Surgeons, Labs, & Imaging Centers

With a team of drivers who are TSA-certified, HIPAA-compliant, and even HAZMAT and nuclear medicine-certified, we are the medical courier company you can count on to get your delicate items to and from locations with professionalism and ease, including:

  • Dangerous goods, which are often medical supplies that carry additional risk to transport. DASH couriers are trained to handle and deliver hazardous medical packages by using the right equipment along the way to avoid unnecessary risks.
  • Category A Medical Specimens.
  • Category B Medical Specimens.
  • Type 2 Nuclear Medical Devices.
  • Radioactive substances and equipment.
  • Large medical equipment, which requires the right kind of vehicle to load, transport, and unload without damaging or compromising these very expensive and important units.
  • Vital organs transported by certified medical drivers professionally trained to the care of the package content from start to finish.
  • Medical instruments, which requires the right kind of handling in a clean and spacious vehicle custom-designed for med-deliveries.
  • Medical specimens (specimens, blood, tissues, and other lab deliveries), which require the right care with special efforts to ensure they are always brought to the right place at the right time to the designated recipients.
  • Blood.
  • Human tissues.
  • Lab samples.
  • Lab specimens.

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Dash Courier employees settle for nothing less than excellence, which is why we all take pride in the great responsibility we have as a medical courier company. It’s why our drivers wake up each morning to plan their routes carefully, why each team member works in sync with the others to make each delivery coordination smooth, and why we relentlessly train to give our clients peace of mind that we’ve got their backs. 

Place your trust in our team today and let us deliver our best work to you. To get a quick quote on a medical delivery in Columbia, SC today, contact us at:

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