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Whether direct, day, corporate, overnight delivery, sameday express, legal, medical, manufacturing, personal, DASH Courier solutions are professional, and our courier service rates are very competitive.

What is Courier Service?

When people think about couriers, an image of pigeon or someone on a bicycle with a mail bag bouncing on his back zig zagging through heavy traffic hustling to drop off a package. Modern couriers are the same in that they are available to deliver things fast to wherever they need
to go, day or night, and often on a repeated basis.

Document Delivery Services

Legal offices and banks often need to get important documents from one place to the
next to get signed or delivered same day, which is why the fastest mail in the world wouldn’t work. This is when a courier is called, someone who knows the local roads, people, traffic and has the right kind of vehicle, training, and transport equipment to keep the package secure until it arrives on time where it is supposed to go.

There is a long list of lawyers in Greenville (Christophillis & Gallivan PA, Ryan Montgomery, Don Pilzer PC, Philpot Law Firm PA, The Carolina Law Group, Martin & Martin Attorneys PA, Kathryn Williams, P.A., Mann Law Firm, Brian Murphy Law, Beattie Ashmore PA, George Sink PA, Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC, etc. etc.) that are prime candidates for document delivery services. There’s also a long list of banks in Greenville SC that stand to benefit from courier services: Southern First Bank, United Community Bank, GrandSouth Bank, County Bank, Bank of America, Palmetto Bank, Greenville Federal Credit Union, Independence National, etc. etc.

Factory Parts Delivery

DASH Courier also offers services to the long list of factories in upstate South Carolina. This may involve delivering inventory on a daily basis or just replacement parts to fix a machine on the assembly line.

Medical Courier Services

Many medical companies use DASH’s HIPAA compliant drivers to transport blood, lab samples, x-rays, organs from facility to facility or within health systems.


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