Delivery for Factories & Manufacturers

DASH Courier offers manufacturing services to the many Greenville SC factories, plants, and manufacturers, providing 24/7/365 inventory / JIT parts delivery. Our factory clients need parts delivered daily so we are able to provide deliveries just in time so the manufacturer can keep their assembly line going without delay. Delivering inventory parts from factory to factory, or providing daily just-in-time parts to keep the line running requires a special kind of courier. DASH couriers are specialized in manufacturing and understand the challenges and needs as well as are equipped to transport large equipment with safety, speed, and punctuality.

Greenville SC Factories & Manufacturers

Factory directories show that Greenville county SC has close to 50 manufacturing companies operating within the area, which is a lot within an area with a population of around 450k. Many of these businesses are well known internationally like Lockheed, IMB and General Electric. Larger plants often require different courier services than some of the smaller plants, so the volume of inventory may vary, but both types of clients appreciate DASH’s ethic of getting deliverables in without delay or damage.

Grupo Antolin Client Testimonial

Grupo Antolin is a client who depends on DASH Courier’s manufacturing services. They are a huge player within the automotive interiors industry, the #1 supplier worldwide for headliner substrates. Here’s what they have to say:

“You respond quickly. Your carriers are very courteous and prompt. I can call you at a moment’s notice and you get a courier on the way to where I need you to pick up items at. I am very pleased with response time, the drivers, and the great customer service that you provide.”

Jessica Murabito – MRO Buyer
Grupo Antolin

Just In Time Inventory Parts Delivery to Greenville SC Factories

Plants around this prosperous South Carolina city are often set up to compete with manufacturers around the world, so they need high quality manufacturing services, like what DASH courier offers to save money and time. A prime example of this is a manufacturer that needs X amount of inventory on a daily basis will use a 24/7/365 courier to deliver that inventory instead of purchasing a year, month, or week supply, which would affect cash flow and cause storage and organizing issues.

Factory Replacement Parts Delivery – Emergency Courier Services

There are also situations where a factory line is going along just fine and a part breaks or a nut or bolt needs to be delivered quickly as a replacement in order to keep the operation going smoothly. DASH couriers know how important it is to get part replacements delivered fast and consistently in these emergency situations.


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