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Courier Delivery Services in Hickory, NC

3101 9th Ave Dr NW
Hickory, NC 28601
Phone: (843) 855-2767

Dash Courier & Logistics is proud to serve the Hickory, NC area with expert legal, medical, and commercial delivery services. Founded in Charlotte, NC in 1999, Dash continues to grow and expand today with offices across North Carolina and even a Georgia office that opened in 2021.

Our reputation for excellence is as strong and sturdy as ever, because we always come through for our customers and do the best we can to make each delivery experience better than the next.

Why Choose Dash Courier?

At Dash Courier, we take our jobs seriously and pride ourselves on the trusted partnerships we’ve built throughout the years. When we accept a delivery from your business, you can trust that your driver will handle it with the utmost respect, courtesy, and delicacy it deserves. After all, the deliveries we are best at handling include sensitive medical packages and legal parcels, both of which require trust and discretion.

We’ve successfully delivered more than three million packages over the years, and we have the innermost knowledge of the legal, medical, and just-in-time manufacturing industries to be able to follow the proper protocols for each type.

If you’re ready to start relying on a new kind of courier company, call Dash Courier in Hickory, NC today!

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Focused Customer Service

DASH Courier is well known in the Hickory, NC area for being available 24/7/365 as well as for our signature focus on customer service. Our experienced, knowledgeable customer service staff is standing by to make sure we meet all of your courier delivery needs, address any concerns you may have, and answer your questions any time, day or night.