Pharmaceutical and Medical Courier Services

DASH Courier’s professional drivers understand the sensitivity and care each medical delivery demands. Our drivers are trained to be efficient while performing each delivery with the attention and accuracy you deserve. DASH drivers have experience with medical, pharmaceutical, and other industries in the Myrtle Beach area.

Emergency Medical Courier Serving North and South Carolina

At DASH Courier, we’re highly familiar with the medical industry, so we understand how stressful your day-to-day can be. Rather than waiting for a different courier service to open in the morning to meet your needs, count on the experts at DASH Courier – we’re open 24/7/365.

From specimens or samples to documents and patient information, our nuclear medicine-approved, HAZMAT-certified, and HIPAA-compliant drivers will perform your delivery safely and with discretion. We take excellent care with each medical delivery, so we can be the team you can trust.

Medical Courier Serving Myrtle Beach, SC and Surrounding Areas

Since opening our first location in 1999, DASH Courier has become extraordinarily knowledgeable about the medical industry and how we can best serve medical professionals. DASH couriers can handle anything you throw at us, whether you need us to transport private patient information discreetly, ferry medical specimens from one location to another, or anything else.

Pharmaceutical Delivery Services for Myrtle Beach Surgeons, Labs, Hospitals, and Medical Practices

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