Now Providing Courier Services to Myrtle Beach, SC

DASH Courier is excited to announce that we have expanded our business so Myrtle Beach residents can take advantage of our long list of professional courier services. Individuals and companies can now use our services in Myrtle Beach and many other North and South Carolina cities.

We work with various clients at DASH Courier, including multiple businesses within the commercial, manufacturing, medical, and legal industries. Each expert driver is HAZMAT certified, HIPAA compliant, and trained to handle nuclear medicine, so you can be confident we can safely transport hazardous materials and sensitive private information.

Courier Delivery Service in Myrtle Beach

The first DASH Courier location opened in Charlotte, NC, in 1999, and we’re thrilled to have expanded into Myrtle Beach, extending our reach throughout the Carolinas.

Myrtle Beach Package Delivery Service

At DASH Courier, we offer three different priority levels for shipping and guaranteed same-day delivery. Our website also makes it easy to request a quote, if you prefer that over making phone calls. If you like the phone, you can reach our Myrtle Beach office at (678) 333-3929. Our highly knowledgeable and supremely friendly customer service representative will find out how we can help you with your business’s logistics.